Possible modes of collaboration

1) Cooperations with SFB/TRR members. These groups have full access to all services including preparation of text parts and figures for presentation or publication purposes. The microarray project leaders and, depending on individual agreements, Heike Schneider and Axel Weber will contribute to resulting publications.
2) External cooperations. The same as for SFB/TRR members, but usually groups have to pay for micorarrays and reagents as these costs are not covered by Z-project grants. This full service is only available for a limited number of collaborations and is subject to individual decisions made by the Z-project leaders.
3) Hybridization service. RNAs provided by internal or external groups are labeled and hybridized to Agilent microarrays. Groups have to pay for micorarrays and reagents as above. Data are delivered in a relatively raw format and are not further analyzed by the Z-project. This type of Z-project work usually does not involve contribution to publications. 

Contact Michael Kracht or Oliver Dittrich-Breiholz (project leaders).